Woody is a high energy, original acoustic rock band that tackles contemporary and timeless topics of love, life, politics and death.  Woody's songs are on Spotify, CLICK HERE.

Woody is:
Joe Steager - Guitar, Vocals
Mick Wolford - Drums, Vocals
Julie Larson - Keyboards, Vocals
Ely - Bass

Words & Music - Joe Steager
Recorded by Stan E. Kleszczelski
Produced by Kleszczelski & Steager
Please watch our YouTube video.  Likes, comments and shares are always appreciated.
Woody Photo
Welcome to Woody's official website.  This energetic electrified acoustic ensemble hails from Columbus, Ohio.

On our Website you can listen to music, buy music, share music and watch our YouTube video.
Woody is currently in the studio creating more original music.  Our newest release is Ludes for Dudes.  Look for it on iTunes and Spotify!

Woody Photo
Yankee Go Home
Ludes for Dudes single cover.
Yankee Go Home
Yankee Go Home single cover.
Yankee Go Home
See the Pattern Through single cover.